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The Brooker Award

What is the Brooker Award?

Sandra Brooker was a very popular and much loved patient, who was incredibly supportive towards others and spent a great deal of time bringing people together to help one another. Above all though Sandra was enormous fun with a mischievous sense of humour, wherever she went there was laughter and positivity.

Everyone has been keen to remember Sandra and acknowledge her support for the Somerville Foundation. When it came to naming our new award then the title was obvious.

The Brooker Award is a grant given to competition winners who are judged to have written the best submission on a topic of their choosing around adult congenital heart disease.  The prize is designed to encourage medics to have a career in congenital heart medicine. The winner is given up to £500 expenses so that they can spend two weeks at a specialist centre alongside expert cardiologists learning about GUCH medicine.

This year two applicants were successful and were given a Brooker Award.

Dr Elizabeth Orchard, our independent assessor stated that in her essay award candidate Yi-Yi Chua had shown a good understanding of all the issues involved pregnancy. Her fellow assessor Dr Matt Daniels commented that “all the main issues – risk stratification, pre-conception counselling, heamodynamic changes in pregnancy, multidisciplinary obstetric teams, foetal assessment, mode of labour, and post labour care” had been included.

Award candidate Daniel Greer wrote an essay entitled “The Greatest Challenge in Congenital Heart Medicine is…”

Dr Elizabeth Orchard praised Daniels recognition of the “resource implications for the NHS of lifelong care, workforce planning, need for trials and research.” 

Dr Matt Daniels said “I enjoyed the thoughtful presentation of a tetralogy patient with Pulmonary regurgitation as this is a common issue.”

John Richardson (National Director) passed on his congratulations to both candidates adding.
“I am delighted that Rob Nicoll (Chairman) decided to establish the Brooker award.
We are very clear that our mission is to help patients live as long and healthy lives as possible. We are developing the research centre in partnership with the University of Suffolk to help discover new and better treatments for patients. We need more medical professionals too and the Brooker Award will help us to attract new doctors, helping them to see what an exciting future there is in GUCH medicine.”

 John also added, “I miss Sandra, we all do. I hope and believe though that this is a good and positive way to remember a good and positive person. Her memory stays alive in many ways for many people and now in a fitting new way too by helping to support the future of GUCH medicine.”

Click here to Read YiYi Chua's entry "Pregnancy in Women with Complex CHD" 

Click here to Read Daniel Geer's entry "Challenges in Congenital Cardiology"

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