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Reasonable Adjustments

Managing your heart condition in the workplace can sometimes be difficult. Most employers are understanding and accommodating but some can be difficult and even act unlawfully. 

The law in this area is complex and you may benefit from getting some advice as to what you should expect from your employer. 

Unfair treatment at work

The law states that if an activity or process that you undertake at work or a physical feature of the premises puts you at a substantial disadvantage compared to co-workers without a disability, then your employer has a duty to make reasonable adjustments, in order to help you work and undertake your role.

The workplace can be a large part of our lives. You don’t have to let small issues build up and leave something so important to chance. 

Discrimination against workers with heart conditions

You may not realise it but having a heart condition means you probably qualify for special protection under the law. Don’t let workplace issues build into bigger problems. 

If you’ve been dismissed or felt you had to leave your workplace but don’t think that’s right, why not get some advice and support to see where you stand?

Free Employment Law Help

The Somerville Foundation is working in partnership with Cora Employment Law to provide help and advice on employment law to our members. 

As a member of The Somerville Foundation you’re entitled to a free consultation on any employment law matter and the choice of a no win no fee agreement with reduced fees for our members. 

This discounted fee agreement has been specially negotiated for members of The Somerville Foundation and is less than you would pay by approaching directly. 

Contact us today and make use of the members services we offer. 

Call John on our Free Patient Helpline: 0800 854 759


Email John at 

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