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Welcome to The Somerville Foundation 16-24 page.

Across the year we organise a number of social events, weekends away and conferences. These events can be a great opportunity to meet with other people born with a heart condition, share experiences, get support and make friends. We also hold specific events for our younger members 16-24 years so they can connect up and network with each another.

Young People’s Get Together

These are organised once a year for those aged 16-24 years. Previous events have included going to the Bloomsbury Bowling Lanes in London and seeing the shows Thriller at the Birmingham Hippodrome and Into the Hoods at the Royal Festival Hall. Last year we had a Young People's Meet Up at our Annual Conference in Bristol and went to see the Happiness Project at the Roundhouse in London.

For news of our activities and events sign up to our mailing list. You can also follow us on Twitter. If you would like to chat with other young people and adults born with a heart condition please join The Somerville Foundation Closed Group on Facebook.

For those aged 18- 29 years why not join the Somerville Foundation London Under 30's Meet Up Group. Register via Meet Up to hear more about what social events and get a chance to socialise and connect with others of a similar age born with a heart condition.

Transition is the term used for moving from paediatric (children’s) to the adult services and clinics at the hospital. This process could start anytime beween the ages of 14-16 years. At this time you might be asked to take on more responsibility for taking care of yourself and your heart condition. Some hospitals have specific Transition Cardiac Liaison Nurses to help you with this process. For more information read our leaflets on A Guide to Adult Cardiac Care and Lifestyle Issues.

Check out our resources/publications and other web pages on managing your heart condition:  physical health and emotional health.

Read our comic books or contact The Somerville Foundation Patient Helpline for advice and support on any issues that relate to your heart condition or how to access services.

Life can sometimes be tough, stressy or a bit of a downer.
That's why it's important to take care of your emotional health, as well as your physical health. We can all need help and support when going through tough times. These could be related to having a congenital heart condition or other life issues.

  • Don't bottle it up - it can be good to talk
  • Take time to relax - chill out - have a laugh
  • Remember your strengths
  • We all have good and bad days
  • Get connected - don't feel alone, keep in touch with others

Please contact Anne Crump our Mental Health and Wellbeing Coordinator if you would like to talk through any emotional health worries big or small. Or let her know if you have any ideas or suggestions for outings and events that you would like to see happen.

Here are some other organisations and local groups that also offer advice and support to children and young people born with a heart condition:

Little Hearts Matter for support and information and raises awareness of those affected when a child has only half a heart, due to conditions such as Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome (HLHS), Pulmonary Atresia, Tricuspid Atresia or Double Inlet Ventricle. They have a Youth Website for teenagers.

Echo Teen Club for 11-18 year olds who attend Evelina's and St Thomas' Hospital - info + events + games 

British Heart Foundation site for young people - info, competitions, interactive, meet@teenheart

Manchester Hospitals site for young people - info + events + youth forum meetings in the North West and Manchester area
Scottish Association for Children with Heart Disorders - weekends away for teens, events. Bravehearts for over 18's

Down's Heart Group is a charity offering support and information relating to heart conditions associated with Downs Syndrome

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Help & Advice

Information on managing your heart condition, including Physical, Emotional and Mental Health.

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