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There’s an app for that!

The Medical Alert app is an electronic version of Medical ID jewellery, and it can be found on your iPhone or Android phone allowing more details of your conditions to be communicated in an emergency situation. The app can easily be positioned on the home screen or in the dock on an iPhone for high visibility and ease of access.

After purchasing the app for £1.99 you can update your name, conditions, allergies and any other information, such as what tablets you take. The last box is for an emergency telephone number. The great thing about this is that when this button is clicked on the app homepage, it automatically rings the number. 

This app would be brilliant for situations where you feel unwell and need assistance or for the emergency services to use if they need to call an emergency phone contact. 

This should not be used instead of your existing Medical ID but maybe used in conjunction. 

By Tamsyn Jones. With thanks to Cardiac Nurse Specialist Jane Hill. Published in GUCH News Issue 70 Autumn 2012.

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