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Tell us what you think.

Tell us what you think.

The Somerville Foundation hasn’t yet decided its position in relation to the changes proposed by NHS England.

Rob Nicoll (Chairman) said Trustees will be meeting on 24 May to consider all the factors and work out what’s best for patients. We need to know what you think and feel so that we are fully informed.

Professor Jane Somerville has made the following statement. 'Hello dear GUCH's do not think I am not worrying about you. The Somerville Foundation is concerned about your care and we'll being. We are preparing a formal statement about NHS  proposals . We are far from happy about GUCH services being closed. Trust me we will do our best to ensure the best care for all of you.'

Michael Cumper (Trustee who was a patient representative on the Adult Standards Group and now sits as a patient representative on the NHS England CHD Programme Board) said

"In terms of SF - it must support the adult standards and their implementation as they have been written mainly by expert clinicians with a view to providing a higher level of care. In terms of the consultation, this is for both adults and children’s services and SF does not have a fixed view at the moment. My personal opinion (not agreed at SF) is that it shouldn't as yet have a view. I believe we should see all the responses to the consultation and then take a view. How can I know exactly what is right unless I have thought about what everyone has said? I sit on the CHD Programme Board and will get sight of all the responses and after I have seen them I believe we can discuss what view SF should take. There will be different views about different things; the different centres all have different issues."
Please let us know what you think by completing our survey here.

You can also send an email with you thoughts to

On Sunday 14th May 2017, 7pm - 9pm we will be hosting a live chat on our website forum, which can be found by clicking here.

Michael commented, “I am happy to respond to any questions as the person who has been the most heavily involved at SF.”

John Richardson (National Director) will be collating views from the online chat and passing them on to NHS England.

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