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Questions, questions, questions

Here at The Somerville Foundation we want to know about you. What can we do to help your life improve? What services do you need from us? What changes should we be campaigning for?

Our partners in the world of GUCH medicine need to know more about you too. This means not only seeking to improve existing services, but trying to discover new treatments and techniques to help patients. However there is a real problem. Not enough GUCHs are taking part in medical research. We want to find out why.

Please help us by completing our survey. We will pass the results to Dr Paul Clift at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham.  Paul and his team can then design research in ways that help more of you to be involved. We are asking a couple of questions about you, how old you are for example, but we won't hold any information about you personally, so don't worry you won't be identified in our results.

In a few weeks time when we have enough responses we will publish our findings here, so you can find out what everyone else has to say and we can share our knowledge.

Please click on the link below to participate in our survey.

Many thanks for your support


(Just in case you are wondering, the question mark accompanying this article is of a sculpture by artists Ben Langlands and Nikki Bell on the waterfront outside University Campus Suffolk, not far from our offices here in Ipswich!)

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