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New PHT Service

Mel Finch (Clinical Nurse Specialist) at Southampton has let us know about some changes that look as though they will be very beneficial for GUCH patients with pulmonary hypertension. Previously patients had to make the journey from the South West to the Royal Brompton in London.  As everyone knows train journeys in the UK can be expensive and with possible worries about health and the appointment itself the situation wasn’t ideal. This problem has now been solved. Two teams, one from Southampton and one from the Brompton have joined together, so that everyone can benefit from their shared expertise and receive services and support they need more locally.

GUCH patients who attended last year’s conference in London may well recall the excellent workshop delivered by Dr Kostas Dimopoulos from the Brompton who is joined by Carl Harries a clinical nurse specialist who has supported GUCHs for many years. From the Southampton side Dr Tony Salmon (who has also generously supported our conferences) combines knowledge with the skills and expertise of Dr Fitzsimmons and Mel Finch herself.

It hasn’t always been easy for people with PHT to find out information. Mel says that patients that she had talked to ‘found it hard to understand the condition and when they looked on the internet for information they found it very scary.'

The new team went ahead and produced some information now available on our website for those with Eisenmengers syndrome. Please have a read click here and let us know what you think ( we will then pass on your feedback.

We wish everyone well in the new Bromptamton or is it the Southbrompton team!


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