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Lake District Weekend

What do you think?

We are busy planning this year’s weekend away for patients, which is now going to be held on 12th -14th July in the Lake District. We really need your help to make sure that it’s as good as it possibly can be and that everyone has the opportunity to attend.

Feedback from previous years shows that patients and their families really appreciate their time together and that shared support is good for you and your heart!

There are a number of challenges that we face

  • We need to be somewhere that is fully accessible (and as always we welcome patients who are unwell).
  • There needs to be a healthy mix of people from different ages and backgrounds.
  • We have found too, that weekends work best if some people have attended before and some are there for the first time.
  • The destination has to be somewhere attractive, where people can have a really enjoyable and relaxing time.
The toughest problem that we have to work out is how we ensure that the event is priced so that it’s fair for all our guests. In the past we have always had two weekend rates. There has been a waged and unwaged price.  Although this is simple it doesn’t always take into account the complex range of situations people find themselves in. For example some unwaged members might in fact be quite wealthy if they have retired on a good pension or have independent means. On the other hand waged members might be really struggling, those who have just completed their education and have started their first job with a mountain of debt or some self-employed and part time workers.

The cost of the weekend has also been heavily subsidised for everyone, this means that no one has ever paid the full price. The Somerville Foundation has always given something toward everyone’s attendance.

This year we want to try something different. There will be a range of grants available in advance to help guests when necessary. This will be very simple and straightforward, no detailed forms to fill in just a short email, to letting us know why you need a grant. This information should be kept entirely confidential and only finance/ office staff directly involved would know who had received grant funding. 

The full cost of this year’s weekend is likely to be approximately £170 in total per person.  This will include bed & breakfast accommodation, evening meals and excursions.

We think that the following grant system might work.

  • Financial support grant - £100 for those on low wages, benefits or facing financial hardship.
  • Ra’s Fund Grant - in addition to the above grant, Ra’s Fund could help new attendees to travel to the weekend destination.
  • Top up support grant - £50 if you are not in one of the above categories but would genuinely struggle to be able to afford to pay the full rate.
What do you think? Have we got it right? Is there a better way of pricing?

Please give send us your feedback on

Thank you

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