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Had a transplant?

NHS National Services Scotland are seeking feedback from transplant recipients on their experience.

Their aim is to make Scotland one of the best performing countries in the world for donation and transplantation, and to make this happen NHS National Services Division is currently working to increase the quality of the services. It is important that every transplant is as successful as possible.

Therefore, we are asking people who have received a transplant to help NHS Scotland by telling them about all aspects of their care, before and after transplant. They will use this information to help improve their transplant services in the future.

Please help by taking part in their survey:

Thank you for your help!

Update from NHSNSS:

We have been seeing some good responses already, thank you.  

A question has arisen about why the survey is for Scotland, rather than the UK as a whole. Here is our response:

Last year, the Scottish Government published ‘A Donation and Transplantation Plan for Scotland 2013-2020,’ and we are responding to this and the ‘UK Taking Organ Transplantation to 2020’ strategy as commissioners of specialist transplant services for people who live in Scotland.  As this is the case, we would appreciate feedback from people who live in Scotland, who have received a transplant in Scotland, or in another unit in the UK. 


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