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Draft standards of care

NHS England are keen to find out what you think about the new standards of care, but its quite tricky to know whether or not a specific event would work with patients located far and wide.

Claire from NHS England wrote

"The New NHS England Congenital Heart Disease (CHD) review will be consulting on the new standards of care in the Autumn of 2014. The team want to work out how adults with CHD would like to be involved in the consultation process.

There will be a number of general events taking place around the country both run by NHS England locally or by some of the organisations that work with them. The NHS England team want to know whether there should be a specific event for adults with CHD during the consultation and if people are interested in an event when and where this would be best to take place.  

If you have thoughts about how the team plan the consultation process and whether there should be a specific event for adults please email

The draft standards are available here.

Michael Cumper (Vice President, The Somerville Foundation) commented "This is important work. Please help NHS England to understand what works best for you."

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Many thanks


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