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Contraceptive Choices for Women with Heart Conditions

The Somerville Foundation has recently been asked to give the Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare feedback on their guidance around sexual health and contraception. 

John Richardson (National Director, The Somerville Foundation) said ‘I think the guidance needs to recognise women’s and their families’ emotional needs and tell professionals where they can find support’.  John also pointed out that GUCH patients need to be looked after by an expert from a specialist centre rather than a generic ‘cardiologist’.

What really matters though is what you think!

The document is designed for medics, so it’s quite stark in the way in which it describes some GUCH conditions. Remember that if you want to know more about your own heart condition and sexual health issues, it’s always best to speak with your own cardiologist or specialist nurse.

Anne Crump, our mental health worker, is always happy to chat with you about the emotional side of things. 

The Clinical Effectiveness Unit of the Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare want to make to make the guidance as useful as possible. 

Is the guidance appropriate? Have they missed anything?

Dr Louise Melvin, Director of the Clinical Effectiveness Unit said ‘We are keen to make this guideline as practical and clear as possible so that it can make a difference to cardiac patients. I would emphasise that participation is voluntary and your comments will be anonymous. Any feedback would be much appreciated’.

The final guidance document will be published on the Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare website in 2014 ( 

If you would like to help, please complete this survey

Thank you.

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