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Physical Health

We all know that keeping fit and eating healthily promotes a healthy body and mind, but this is even more relevant when your physical health may be affected by your heart condition. How well your heart compensates for its structural abnormalities is, in part, determined by overall physical fitness and health.

The articles in this section look at many aspects of physical health and there are, of course, a few about exercise, written by the wonderfully fit Beth Greenaway.

Born with a heart condition, Beth is a keen sportswoman and her own struggles have led her to have a special empathy with those who are facing their own challenges or struggling to incorporate fitness into their lives. For more information about Beth read her Inspirational Story or visit her website

General physical health advice for those born with a heart condition includes:

  • Get regular aerobic exercise as prescribed by your GUCH Specialist, Cardiologist or GP
  • Don't smoke
  • Don't use drugs such as cocaine and methamphetamine
  • Follow a heart-healthy diet
  • Practice techniques for reducing and managing stress
You can find further information on how lifestyle choices can affect your heart in our Lifestyle Issues leaflet.

Visit the relevant areas using the menu on the left to access reports, articles and stories and post your own questions in our FAQs section.

If there are any subjects you would like to see covered in this section please use our Enquiry Form

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Help & Advice

Information on managing your heart condition, including Physical, Emotional and Mental Health.

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