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I have regular liver function blood tests done, but am concerned about getting Liver damage due to medication. Is there anything I can do to ensure I keep my liver in as tip top condition as possible?

Some cardiac medications can cause problems with the liver. The commonest drug that is used in GUCH patients that can cause liver problems is Amiodarone, a powerful drug used to treat heart rhythm problems. If you take amiodarone you should have blood tests to check liver (and thyroid function) at six monthly intervals. Some GUCH patients may take Bosentan or Sitaxsentan for high blood pressure in the lungs. Again these drugs are known to cause liver problems and all patients who are on these drugs should be having regular blood tests to check on this. Most of the other drugs that are used commonly aren't particularly problematic. From the patients point of view, the best things to do to keep the liver in good condition are to avoid excessive amounts of alcohol, and to eat a healthy diet.

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