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Managing your heart condition

Managing Your Heart Condition

Since the first diagnosis of congenital heart disease, medical care and treatment have advanced, and many patients are living longer and healthier lives into adulthood and old age. 

All adults living with a heart defect should talk with a cardiologist regularly throughout their lives about treatments, medicines, and the ongoing and long-term care for their specific condition. This is important to make the best possible choices for their health.

The NHS GUCH Guide states that as an indicator of high quality care "All adults with congenital heart disease whatever the level of complexity are seen by an ‘expert’ from a specialist centre at least once. The majority of patients may expect to receive their care under shared care arrangements between a specialist centre and a local GUCH centre.”

When seeing a GUCH Specialist, Cardiologist or GP it can help by knowing your medical history, including the:

  • Type of heart defect you have
  • Procedures or surgeries you have had performed 
  • Medication that are currently prescribed for you and were prescribed in the past
  • Type(s) of care you need
The Somerville Foundation pocket-sized Personal Health Passport can be helpful to keep all of this information in one place. For more hints and tips when visiting your doctor read our pdf 'Making the most of your Doctor's Appointment'.

As children transition to adult cardiac care, it is important to notify any new health care provider(s) about their congenital heart defect. Ongoing medical care will help children and adults with a congenital heart defect to live as healthy a life as possible.

Download further information about transition in The Somerville Foundation information leaflet A guide to adult cardiac care.

You can find out more on managing your heart condition, such as Physical Health and Emotional and Mental Health.

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Information on managing your heart condition, including Physical, Emotional and Mental Health.

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