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Patient Helpline - 0800 854759

Want to talk? We're here to listen
  • Call us on 0800 854 759
Call us. We care.
  • We are generally available Monday-Friday. There is an answer phone available to leave a brief message on when we are unavailable. Please speak slowly and clearly and leave a contact number. We aim to respond within 2 working days.
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What does the Patient Helpline do?

  • Provide emotional support for people born with a heart condition or those close to them. This can be a friend, relative, partner, teacher, carer or colleague
  • Provide a listening ear
  • Provide information and send you literature e.g. pregnancy, travel, lifestyle issues
  • Provide you with details of our recognised Specialist GUCH Centres
  • Refer you to another organisation where they may be more appropriate to meet your needs.

What does the helpline not do?

  • We will not judge you or your actions and we cannot tell you what to do, but we can talk through your options with you. We cannot provide medical advice as we are not trained to do so. We are not certified counselors but can offer time and compassion

Who can call our helpline?

  • Young people and adults born with a heart condition and anyone close to them. For issues relating to children's heart conditions we can refer you to the appropriate organisations

Who will answer my call?

  • Highly trained and supported volunteers

Will my call be confidential?

  • Yes. As far as we are legally allowed, we run a confidential service
  • We work within the guidelines provided by the Helplines Partnership and aim to provide a high quality service. All our helpline operators have had a Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) check and receive ongoing support and training

Can I write to the helpline service?

Written enquiries can be sent by post to:

Patient Helpline
The Somerville Foundation
Saracens House
25 St. Margaret's Green

We aim to reply to written enquiries within five days of receipt
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Make a donation to The Somerville Foundation today and you will help us to continue to offer the valuable services we provide to those born with a heart condition.