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Inspirational Stories

The Treadmill of Life

I was born with CHD in 1974. In my early years I was encouraged to do as many normal things as possible despite the fact that I would become very blue and breathless.

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A GUCH in East Africa

If someone mentions Zanzibar many people would be clueless where it was, except in Derby, it's a Night Club. You might know it as a tourist.

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A Year and a bit Down Under!

can blame my desire to travel after University on my parents. We were always taken away on wonderful holidays as children, and so for me the travel bug was installed from a very young age.

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My Troubled Heart

I was born in 1967 with two congenital heart defects: Coarctation of Aorta (which is narrowing to the main artery from the heart) and a Bi-cuspid Aortic Valve (two-leaflet valve instead of the usual three).

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A Diagnosis at Last

For as long as I can remember I've had pains in my legs when walking. After I start walking I get a dull ache in my calf muscle, if I continue it gets worse, but when I stop it disappears almost immediately.

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I Did it My Way!

Reading the letters and articles in GUCH News has had a profound effect on me.

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Being a "Blue Baby"

HELLO - my name is Edward, I was born in London in October 1933. Cyanosis [blueness] was noticed from the age of two weeks and this was diagnosed as a condition called Fallot's Tetralogy - we were called 'blue babies'.

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Back To The Theatre

How Matthew Williamson's life turned a full circle with some surprising results.

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In My Life

How many song titles can you count?

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Samantha's Story

I was born relatively easily, despite my Mother's painful 23 hours in labour!

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Help & Advice

Information on managing your heart condition, including Physical, Emotional and Mental Health.

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