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Inspirational Stories

How I became a GUCH volunteer

Pauline Rose is an invaluable member of our telephone helpline team. Here, she talks about how she got to be involved with GUCH PA.

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Noonan's Syndrome

I was born in Brussels. I was a premature baby, born by caesarean at 33 weeks. I was born with a hole in my heart, mild Pulmonary Stenosis and ptosis-strabismus.

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Just a routine check-up?

Many GUCHs experience the best of health, with only annual check-ups reminding them of their heart condition. So it can come as a shock when a routine ECG reveals the need for surgery.

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Looking out for the ‘lost’ congenital heart patients

Beth Greenaway shares her personal thoughts on some of the reasons why so many congenital heart patients drop out of the system as adults, and why it is important for them to re-enter it

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Living with a GUCH

His day job may be in accountancy, but when it comes to his wife's heart condition Steven Parker has served his medical apprenticeship.

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Skipping Around Our Barriers

I had a switch operation in 1976 to correct transposition of the great arteries; a VSD and ASD were also closed. Then in 1987 I returned to theatre for reclosure of the ASD and correction of pulmonary stenosis.

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Confessions of a Swimmer

Born in 1958 with Fallot's Tetralogy, Paul Magrath had an operation at 4 years old, in his mid-30s he began to experience problems which lead to a further operation.

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James Story

When I was born, 24 years ago, the doctors immediately realised there was a problem with me, as I was a bluey purple colour. I was immediately rushed into theatre where I was stabilised enough to allow me to go home with my parents.

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The Fall and Rise of a GUCH

What does a GUCH call herself when the congenitally offending parts are in a jar of formalin? An GOBNULCH - Grown Up but No Longer Congenital Heart; a TRANSGUCH?

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The National Heart Hospital the way I remember it

When I was a baby, I was diagnosed as having a congenital heart condition.

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Help & Advice

Information on managing your heart condition, including Physical, Emotional and Mental Health.

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Make a donation to The Somerville Foundation today and you will help us to continue to offer the valuable services we provide to those born with a heart condition.