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Your Heart and You - by Elizabeth Wilde McCormick, Leisa Freeman

Published by Piatkus Books
ISBN: 0749922036
Priced at £6.99

Buy Your Heart And You: A holistic guide to a healthier heart

Looking after your heart is important whether you were born with a heart condition or not. A new book, written by Elizabeth Wilde McCormick, a psychotherapist, and GUCH Trustee Dr Leisa Freeman, helps you to do just that.

Your Heart and You: a Holistic Guide to a Healthier Heart explores how both physical and emotional issues affect your heart. The book is packed with self-help exercises and information -- how the heart works; how to cope and recover from problems such as angina and heart attacks; tests, surgery and what to expect in hospital; the link between your emotions and the physical reactions of your heart; strategies for reducing stress and coping with heart disease.

Buy Your Heart And You: A holistic guide to a healthier heart
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Help & Advice

Information on managing your heart condition, including Physical, Emotional and Mental Health.

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